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Sass + Compass + SmartSprites

These days I'm actively playing with sass and compass and I'm really starting to like them. The one thing I was missing is image sprite sheet generation using SmartSprites. Read More

SASS - ANT - Netbeans - Automation

Few days ago I was playing with SASS (Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets). But Because I'm too lazy :) I just wanted to automate process as much as possible, so I've set up simple ANT project to run SASS from within netbeans.
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HTML 5 - ANT - Complete Automation

In this post, You can find ANT script that automates some of the main HTML 5 tasks as are versioning, running tests, generating image sprite-sheets, minifying javascripts and css, compressing html, inline scripts and styles and finally making release.Read More

Using doT.js

For those who don't know, doT.js is JavaScript template engine.
It's one of the fastest and easy to use JavaScript templating engines.
You can find more about doT.js at:
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MVC Example

Many junior programmers heard about MVC, they know MVC is architectural pattern used for separation of concerns, but sometimes, it's hard to understand it until you see a practical example. Read More

SSI - URL Regular Expression

Few years ago I was working in 'sterile' web environment where only allowed server side technology was SSI - Server Side Includes.
I needed to extract parts from URL and based on those parts to dynamically generate links.
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