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Latest Projects

Ozone Framework

Event-message driven framework.

Ozone framework, in it's core, is based on Mediator, Observer and Chain of Responsibility design patterns. This way it ensures communication between objects preserving loosely coupled design. Events carring messages (objects) are routed through a "event router-mediator" to all objects subscribed to that specific event. Events are than passed directly to subscribed objects.

All objects including objects that doesn't implement IEventDispatcher interface, can communicate (send/receive events) through a "event-router"

Events can be enabled/disabled and grouped.
If event belongs to a group, it will receive only events dispatched to that group

But, Ozone Framework is not only about communication between objects, it also contains many other goodies for handling other common/uncommon tasks.


Mazz Ball - Flash Game

Rubik's Cube - Flash Game

Main Toolbar Extended - Flash Component

SEX - Server Explorer - Flex Application

Color Namer - Flash Application

Helper Components - Flash Components

Freestyle Helper Components - Flash Components

Fading UI Components - Flash Components

Voting Program - Flash Application

Ratko Torma Presentation - Flash Presentation

Telephone Book - Flash Application