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MVC Example

Many junior programmers heard about MVC, they know MVC is architectural pattern used for separation of concerns, but sometimes, it's hard to understand it until you see a practical example. Read More

SSI - URL Regular Expression

Few years ago I was working in 'sterile' web environment where only allowed server side technology was SSI - Server Side Includes.
I needed to extract parts from URL and based on those parts to dynamically generate links.
Read More

Web without Adds

Today while browsing the web, one really "brain washing" Advertisement was constantly following me. I've decided to get rid of it and others similar. Read More

Local Facebook Development

In this post I will show you very unique way how to develop facebook applications locally on your local machine (localhost), but be visible globally. Read More

PHP vs Java vs .Net

If you are one of those who don't know with what technology to go for yourself or for the company, here is a brief list of php vs java vs .net "opportunities" to help you decide. Read More