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Java - Text Clipboard

If you have need to copy text to clipboard and paste text from clipboard but you don't know how, here is a simple Class to help you. Read More

Flex - Ant - Complete Automation

When developing aplications, developers are facing different kind of tasks. Automatng tasks means we don't have to do all the stuff manually, and that means: less stress :) (our best friend), consistency, less mistakes (everyones best friend), higher… Read More

Flex - Ant - Library Dependencies

Ant is a really great tool with lot's of tasks, but not all of the tasks and dependency libraries are included in Ant, so they have to be included into Ant's classpath, unless documentation states different. Read More

Using Ant in Flash Builder 4

Using Ant in Flash Builder is really simple, like press button, but writing Ant buildfile may require a little bit more effort and knowledge. Read More

Installing Ant in Flash Builder 4

Installing Apache Ant in Flash Builder is not as intuitive as it could be, especially if you are novice to Flash Builder and Eclipse platform, you can easily find yourself stuck in ded end. So here is a small step by step tutorial. Read More

Accessing loaded SWF

Have you ever needed to access from host swf to loaded swf's methods and properties? If you did, than you probably experienced this kind of compile time error: Error: Call to a possibly undefined method over through a reference with static type flash.display:DisplayObject. Read More

Flex Developers

Where to find enterprise Flex Developers and how to recruit them. 10 Things good flex developer should know. Read More